Bobrisky Shows Off His Bride Price List, Says “He Will Cry When Going To His Husband’s House”

Marriage is a beautiful thing. No wonder Bible made it known that a man should leave his mother and father and cling unto the wife. When one marries his or her soul mate, the joy that comes from it is beyond words. No wonder some schools of thought said that a man begins to count his success on e he is married.

In line with this, Bobrisky is a cross dresser who has never stopped cracking people’s limbs with laughter and surprises. He took to his Instagram page a while ago to show off his bride price list. Traditionally, before a woman follows her husband home, he must have paid her bride price and done the necessary things that follows it.

We all know Bobrisky is a man who derives joy in wearing female outfits. He has severally talked about his boy friend and other things that have to do with women. Personally I believe he is just catching cruise with them.

Below are his bride price list, it’s really Aon the high side. Bobrisky will never cease to amaze me.


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