Check Out Recent Pictures Of Grand-P And Yao Eudoxie That Show How Strong Their Love is Waxing

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When the news of their relationship surfaced on the internet, it seems like a joke to everyone, many didn’t believe it, many said it’s just a publicity stunt, they can’t imagine someone like Grand p with his little stature in a romantic relationship with a plus size curvy and beautiful lady like Yao Eudoxie.

But the more people keep doubting their relationship, the more their relationship keep waxing stronger. With the kind of videos and photos they share on their social media pages, it shows that their relationship is not coming to an end anytime soon.

Eudoxie Yao has made it clear several times in some of her pictures captions on social media that their love is solid. She said the stature of her man doesn’t matter, what matters is the love she has for him. She took to Instagram sometime and showed off her man to her followers: “We are happy together, and this is the most important thing. Thank you everyone for your support.”

Yao Eudoxie is a popular Instagram influencer and a model from Ivory coast. She’s known and loved for her plus-size curves. And she has been nicknamed African Kim Kardashian.

Her man, Grand P, is a succeful musician from Guinea. Grand P is said to have been born with progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder that has affected his height


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