Mr Macaroni Reply A Guy That Attacked Him Over His Tweet Of How Nigerian Police Are Being Used

About few hours ago, Mr Macaroni made a tweet condemning the actions of those that always used the Nigerian police as their slaves who opens door and closes it when ever his master want to comes down from the car or he want to go in. According to Mr Macaroni, he said that such actions of the Nigerian police being used in such manners doesn’t in any way portray the Nigerian police in a good light.

However, one of the user who made a comment on his tweet show a great support of such act which Mr Macaroni is against, saying that If he get such chance of using the police in such way, he will do it.

Replying the ugly comment made by the user, Mr Macaroni replied him asking him if such actions defines a successful person.

To my best of knowledge, I can say that people that does that are people living on the effect of pride and they only want to show off to people that they have money and nothing else.

Well, check out the reply below.


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