Free Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada has some of the best universities in the world, and they are well known and has produced some notable people around the world. Canada is home to international students, and it is a dream country for international students to search for quality education.

Canadian universities offer quality education in different areas of academics. There are both colleges and universities in Canada, with the best facilities you can imagine, you can pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, or doctorate program in any Canadian higher institution.

Canada offers quality education and studying in Canadian universities come with some advantage. There are no tuition-free universities in Canada, but you can apply for fully-funded scholarships that will fund your education all through.

Canada has made it one of its top priorities to provide a system where the government, wealthy individuals, and organizations come together to offer students scholarships which have added more value to the education system around the world.

These scholarships come in different forms, such as bursaries, fully-funded and partly-funded scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid forms. Some scholarships may cover tuition fees and accommodation, and stipends. most Canadian universities are affordable and offer various scholarships to support international students education, some cheapest universities in Canada for international students.

List of Tuition Free Universities in Canada for International Students

1. Saint Mary’s University

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Saint Mary’s University is a Catholic, public university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The school is best known for leading programs in business and chemistry and one of the best Canadian women’s basketball programs.

This generous university is home to more than 25% of international students from over 100 countries. This is to say that Saint Mary’s University is accepting more international students at all levels, provided you meet up the school requirement.

Saint Mary University is included in the list of tuition-free universities, and they are numerous scholarship awards for international students. It also rewards academic excellence with over $7.69 million in scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries annually. All of the scholarships offered at Saint Mary’s University are renewable, and you must maintain good academic records, to be eligible for renewal.

2. York University

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York University is a top Canadian citadel of learning, and it has a series of scholarship opportunities that international students can apply for. These scholarships are York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships and the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students.

These scholarships are only for international students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree program at York University and are renewable for three additional years to students who win them, which is why York University is on the list of tuition-free universities in Canada for international students.

Some of the scholarships programs are; the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

3. Concordia University

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Concordia University has over 40,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate. The university offers some popular majors includes; business, arts and science, engineering, and many more.

The Presidential Scholarship is one of the top Concordia University scholarships, established to support international students who have a good academic record and are willing to pursue a degree in any undergraduate program. The presidential scholarships cover tuition fees, books, and living costs.

The interesting part is that the scholarship is renewable for up to four years; students must have an outstanding performance. NOTE: this award is granted annually.

4. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

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The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is one of the many institutions in Canada that is very generous with scholarship programs. They are both entrances, internal and external scholarship programs. This higher institution of learning sets aside $5 million annually for scholarships awarded to international students across all programs of study.

Almost 80% of all incoming students receive financial aid. Students with a good academic record will be eligible for renewal, up to four years as long thus, and you can study a program of your choice tuition-free at a top institution like the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

5. University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada and North America. It is highly ranked globally, and there are a series of funding opportunities available at the University of Toronto that are partially funded and fully funded.

However, the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program is among the top scholarships award offered at the University of Toronto. Some top-ranking institutions in Canada offer the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program, and the University of Toronto is one.


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