6 secret ways to keep a man in love with you forever

Maybe you’re single and want to know what it takes to get and keep lasting love. Or maybe you finally have the love you’ve always wanted and you’re terrified of losing it.

Either way, there are key things you need to be aware of to create and keep an amazing, fulfilling relationship. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that love is a verb. It’s less about feelings and more about actions.

To help you get there, we’ll be sharing some specific actions you can take to nurture your love and make sure it lasts.

Once you’ve found love, these secrets will keep him in love with you forever. But don’t wait until you’ve found love to start using them.

Knowing them and making them a part of your lifestyle and mindset now will actually make you more emotionally ready for a good relationship and help you find the right person, too.

  1. Choose wisely
    Who you choose ultimately determines if your relationship will succeed or fail. Choose someone compatible who has the same values and vision for the future as you.

  2. Don’t chase him or force things
    You can’t force love. When you’re with the right person, you won’t have to “manage” everything to make the relationship flow, and you won’t feel like you need to try to win him over.

  3. Be a woman in his corner
    See the full him—the man he is and the man he wants to be—and accept and appreciate all of it. Support him, admire him, and believe in him.

  4. Love him the way he wants to be loved
    Observe how he shows love for you and talk with him to learn what his love language is. Love him the way he experiences love instead of how you do.

  5. Have many sources of happiness
    To keep him in love with you, you need to keep being you. Have a fun and fulfilling life outside of the relationship. You can’t extract happiness from a relationship, happiness is something you bring into the relationship.

  6. Be your best self
    Be your best self physically and emotionally. Be physically fit and healthy, and deal with your issues so you bring your best and happiest self into the relationship, making it one your guy wants to stay in.


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