Buju vs Oxlade, Who Would You Sign As A Record Label Boss?

Listening to some Buju and Oxlade records earlier today, it’s pretty a difficult one for me to conclude on who actually sabi sing pass.

These guys give some cool vibes on any song they’re involved in and that says a lot about how much they deserve the current attention the industry is giving them.

Both artistes do not only have sweet unique vocals but they are also blessed with the ability to write meaningful lyrics with noticeable subject matter.

Oxlade did extraordinarily well on Iceprince’s song “Kolo” while Buju is the only reason people are enjoying Ladipoe‘s song “Feeling“, his chorus on the song sold it out.

Buju and Oxlade are probably the next big thing in Nigeria’s music industry and if you’re a record label boss with options to sign either of the two, I wonder who you will sign.

Let’s hear from you 👇

Buju vs Oxlade, Who Would You Sign As A Record Label Boss?


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