DO YOU AGREE? Avoid Single Mother; Woman Above 35 With Kids And No Husband Is A Sad Person – Man Advises

Captain Kale aka Doctor Love has advised men to keep off single mothers
The self-proclaimed boy-child defender is known for his harsh remarks on women.

He said any woman above 35 with or without kids and is not married is a lonely person.

Captain Kale aka Doctor Love is known for his harsh remarks on women. The self-proclaimed boy-child defender has advised men to keep off single mothers.

In an exclusive interview with, Captain Kale said:

“Never ever move in with a single mother. If they have money, then milk the money. Pretend to be in love with them because many are desperate to have a man.”

He acknowledged that there are a few who are good but hard to find.

“For a single mother, never ever love her, never invest your feelings or even your money in her. Never heal her wounds, let the man or men who hurt come and take care of that,” he added.

Captain Kale also talked about women above 35 and not married, and he said:

“They are single and it means they can’t keep a man. Most are too demanding and nagging. A woman above 35, with kids or without and she’s single is a sad woman, even if she has money. They are also very dangerous. If the baby daddies couldn’t handle them, then who are you to?”

“A man only needs peace, nothing else. Not a woman who behaves like coronavirus, you have to avoid her but eventually, decide to live with it.”

Do You Agree With What Doctor Love Said About Single Women Above 35?


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