DO YOU AGREE? Seniority Is No Longer By Age But By How Rich You Are (See This)

Uhm this sounds funny, but the unfortunate truth and sad reality of life.🤦
I stumbled upon one of Reno’s post on FB last night, he said,

“To retain seniority in your family, you must maintain your financial ability. Because, although it should NOT be so, real seniority is not by age. It is by the finances you manage. Joseph’s older brothers waited for his arrival before they began their meeting in Egypt. Sadly, a family meeting is more likely to be delayed for the richest member, than for the oldest. It is very wrong. But that is life. Avoid disrespect. Make money. Make it legally!”

I totally agree with him on this! If u no get money for this life ehn, people go carry you play kpakpa-ngolo.

U go chop insult tire from family members and friends. In Reno’s words, “Avoid disrespect. Make money. Make it legally!”

What’s your take on this?

Seniority Is No Longer By Age But By How Rich You Are – DO YOU AGREE?


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