DO YOU KNOW? You Don’t Need To Go To A University or Polytechnic To Qualify For PGD, Masters or PhD

You do not need to go to a University or Polytechnic to get the requisite academic papers to qualify for PGD, Masters or PhD.

Stop wasting money writing JAMB and attending universities that are on strike 8 months every year. JAMB and Universities have become money making institutions.

Step 1: After SSCE, register for a professional course – ICAN, CIPM, NIPR etc. They are very many that are certified. You don’t need JAMB. Buy form and start.

Step 2: Take all the modules. When you finish, these institutions can award you NYSC Exemption Certificate. Yes, they will give you if you ask.

Step 3: Go for your PGD. Many universities accept professional diplomas in lieu of HNDs.

Step 4: Use your PGD to apply for Masters.

You’re on your way to the heights of academia.

Hope you find this helpful


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