FINALLY EXPOSED!! The Origin Of Cultism In Nigeria, The Originators -Wole Soyinka (SEE WHY)

History of Cultism In Nigeria….
Cultism in Nigeria all started in 1952, escalated in 1990s i.e. when it becomes order of the day in all Nigerian streets.

It all started with “Pyrates Confraternity” originated by popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka and 6 others who call themselves “Magnificent Seven” back then in the University. Their reasons or mission, I don’t know! When you see any of them u go ask dem.🚶

Then due to leadership tussle among them in 1970, Dr. Bolaji Carew exit Pyrates Confraternity and created “The Buccaneers” in 1972. He was actually expelled for not following the Pirates orientations.

See ehn, I don’t wanna write much on this. I only wanted to tell you how everything started and the originator(s).

Today we have different types of Cults filled with retarded illiterates and thieves causing nuisance everywhere.😏

Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka have alot of works to do. Should I said he doesn’t worth the “Nobel Laurette”, title? Well, he does deserve it despite his ugly past. But he should at least correct this errors before he exist this World.

Remember same Soyinka with some other influential Nigerians literally forced Buhari on us in 2015. They practically forced suffering on us with their aimless and unnecessary protest against Jonathan’s government.😭

At the end, they gave us Baba Go Slow aka Mr Integrity and Pastor Osinbajo.🤦

Well, that’s by the way!

Now you know the core founder of Cultism In Nigeria. Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka did!

On next publication, I will give you 5 Reeasons Why Nigerian Youths Join Secret Cults Groups.

I drop pen here for now.

What’s Your Take On This?


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