FORMAT! “I Have A Bag Of Money, Foreign Currency…” – My Close Encounter With 419 Men

I was somewhere on the mainland today, and I was supposed to take a bike, but decided to trek and buy some petty things along the way.

As I got to one bad and deserted part of the long road, this bike pulled up to me and the driver asked me in my native language, “Sis, do you know where Unity hospital is?”

Honestly, the fact that he spoke my language made me drop my guard.

How he got to know we are the same tribe is what I don’t know, considering they came from behind me.

I told him I don’t know where that is, I don’t live here, but he can ask the shops around.

Next thing, he starts shouting at the passenger. “Get down from my bike. Pay me my money and get down”. I was totally embarrassed for the passenger.

Passenger: I have told you I will pay you, I have a bag of money. (Brings out wallet) I just need to get to my sister at Unity hospital. There is plenty of foreign currency in the bag.

Immediately, the experiences I have read on Naijaloaded begin to play in my head. THIS IS IT. THIS IS THEM.

Foreign currency and bags of money people. I was still looking at them. Maybe I am just being paranoid…maybe it is a coincidence.

The passenger comes down and makes a move towards me “My name is Collins. I don’t want to beg you for money.

I am coming from Cotonou, but I have a bag of money…” He stretches out his hand to touch me.

Then I knew who I was faced with. I shouted “DON’T COME CLOSE TO ME.”

I screamed so loudly that the people passing by turned. The passenger quickly hops on the bike, and they speed off.

Two women ran to me asking what happened. I explained to them. Some bike men joined.

They told me they must have trailed me from the major junction.

I look out of place here and should have taken a bike as instructed.

One of the bike men said they defrauded one woman a few days back and people in the area have been warned.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I dey inside house now. Next time I won’t answer anybody.

It is almost Christmas, evil men and women are on the prowl.

Let’s all be careful and not drop our guards, no matter how they disguise.

Have You Experienced Something Like This Before?


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