Glazia Magazine’s revealing conversation with Alex Unusual

For Glazia Magazine’s latest issue, filmmaker and media personality, Alex Asogwa, popularly known as Alex Unusual, graces the cover. Alex Unusual is confident, beautiful, sexy and alluring.

She is a woman with a powerful voice who wants to make an impact.

For the cover of Glazia Magazine’s first quarter issue, she talks to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Omawumi Ogbe, about life, love, her desire to make a meaningful impact and the importance of owning her voice.

Born Alex Amuchechukwu Asogwa, she made her big-screen debut as a 6-month-old child model in a Nestle baby food advert.

The first of three children, Alex who has always enjoyed the limelight in her corner of the world, grew to continental fame after participating in the 2018 Big Brother Naija reality TV show where she emerged the third runner-up.

From acting in Nollywood to hosting some major events in Nigeria and representing some of the country’s biggest brands, Alex Unusual has come a long way from the housemate you saw on BBNaija and she is not holding back on the latest cover of Glazia Magazine.

The new cover which arrived on digital platforms on March 31, 2021, has been making all the waves on social media and Sunday Vanguard had a chat with both the cover girl and the woman behind the scenes, Omawumi Ogbe.

Alex Unusual has a lot to celebrate as she recently released her short film, Nucleus, to positive reviews.


On the significance of starring on the cover of Glazia’s first quarter issue, Alex revealed that this is her “first magazine cover in a while. It was good to experience the entire process of creating a cover again. It was also a bonus that from glam to photography, styling and more, everyone on set was nice. Glazia is a professional, classy and very organized magazine and I am excited to be a part of this landmark issue.”

With a photoshoot crafted by Praise the Photographer and a pretty intimate cover interview to boot, the editorial images were shot in Victoria Island, Lagos and feature Alex where she seems most comfortable in exquisite fashion ensembles by one of Africa’s most influential design houses, ATAFO, led by the renowned Mai Atafo.

The interview, unlike previous magazine features, is in-depth and honest, with Alex showing that she’s not quite the girl many people think she is.

For many Nigerians, the past few months have been trying times, and Alex has been an all-around inspiration.

When youths staged one of the biggest mass protests to kick against the excesses of the now disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), she was at the forefront both on social media and the protest ground. She helped organize the grounds and showed leadership.

“When the protests started, I wasn’t going to get involved. I still wanted to say oh, it is not my business. Then I went out for the first time because all my friends were going out and for the first time I could see people, I could feel their emotions. I saw people that this issue meant a whole lot to, people who take it personally,” she added.


Alex goes down memory lane about her formative years and admits that women today are shattering barriers that were hitherto standing in their way.

She said: “Being a woman in today’s world means power because I feel like women are beginning to take charge of what they are supposed to have taken charge of while growing up.”

On her new short film Nucleus, which has received great buzz, the New York Film Academy graduate said she created the film to pass a message to people.

“I feel like we love but we don’t love enough. I wanted people to understand that they should appreciate the people they have in their lives now before it is too late. I have lost a few people that I felt that I did not love enough, especially a little cousin. This is me trying to help people not to be in the same shoes that I am in because I found it hard to forgive myself till now. Love is the midpoint of every single thing we do. The nucleus of our existence is love.”

On how people have reacted to the film, Alex said Nucleus has been appreciated and accepted by a lot of people.

“Surprisingly, in just a few days I had over 35,000 views on my YouTube page that I wasn’t using. It is a different thing if my YouTube page was active before now, but it wasn’t and I just posted something there and I am getting 35,000 views in just a few days. It has been amazing, I have received a lot of reviews and I have not had a bad review even from professionals in the industry and my teachers abroad.”


The budding filmmaker revealed that the film has pushed many people to make amends with the people in their lives.

“I had two friends who haven’t spoken to each other in a while and after watching the film, both of them called me crying and I was like why don’t you reach out to this person? And they said they did that even before calling me. It is very impactful. I love the reception; it is very encouraging because I didn’t think people would appreciate a love movie such as this one. People love to see a boy and a girl in love and all, not the love without romantic feelings attached. I needed to show love in a different light and I did that,” she noted.

Even as she continues to dabble in other creative outlets and industries to expand her empire, fans shouldn’t be worried, as Alex doesn’t foresee herself stopping anytime. She intends to contribute positively to her fatherland.

“I want to see changes in Nigeria. I am not going to have the power to change things and then I will go to another country and just put it there. Since I have the power to tell unique stories, why not use those stories to uplift my country?”

On her part, Omawumi Ogbe said: “For this issue, we wanted to show the woman in all her essence – the different domains of womanhood. It portrays her as a sultry woman who is also a boss, delicate yet so strong, vulnerable but oh so courageous. And this, I am glad that our cover girl, Alex embodies.

“Listening to Alex answer my questions brilliantly with the assurance of a 25-year old who has come into her own, I was struck by her confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. In my interactions with her this year (first in January for a strategy meeting and now for the magazine cover), I see that Alex is not interested in the fluff, she is about substance in a way that is refreshing for someone with over three million social media followers, living in a world where the superficial reigns supreme.’’




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