LET’S TALK!! Mad Pregnant Women On The Street Of Nigeria – Who Dey Give Dem Belle?πŸ€”

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now. It’s getting out of hand.
A woman with a chronic mental health problem on the streets here in Rivers State. She strips naked sometimes and screams. She has been impregnated 7 times mysteriously and gave birth 7 times.🀦

Any time she gives birth somebody comes forward to adopt the child following all legal procedures and thankfully she easily releases the child.

To our utmost surprise, she’s pregnant again. Should be about 7 months pregnant from my observation.

I wonder who in their right minds mounts a mentally challenged woman.
I wonder if it’s a fetish or it’s for ritual purposes. Or pure wickedness.

Note: I can’t put her picture up here for ethical reasons. The attached picture above is for illustration purpose.

Who dey fvck and impregnate these mad women in the streets of Nigeria bikonu. Normal people or fellow mad people?

Mad Pregnant Women On The Street Of Nigeria – Who Dey Give Dem Belle?πŸ€”


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