Major Reason You Should NOT Date or Marry Anyone That Works In A Hotel or Bar – See THIS

Reason you should not date or marry a hotel or bar attendant. I don’t know how silly this might sound to you anyway, I’m telling you the obvious facts.
Why you shouldn’t marry a hotel or bar attendant is as simple as ABC. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife works in a hotel or bar, there’s every tendency that they sleep with customers.

Some days ago, we discussed the ‘Reasons Why You Should NOT Date or Marry A Nurse’ (Read HERE). Well, we have returned with a new topic

Let me break this down categorically.

The Female Gender: These are the most vulnerable. According to a proven stat, 90% of women that works in hotel or bar, indulges in sexual activities with clients.

It takes the grace of God and an extreme home training, for a girl that works in such places not to sleep with men. In most cases, they doesn’t do this willingly but forced or persuaded to. Same thing with those that works in the bank (marketing department especially). But that will be a story for another day.

The Male Gender: Hmm they’re the worse. Most of them are homosexuals. Same thing with men that works in Saloon. Those into hair styling, nails, makeup, etc.

Back to the topic of discussion. If your boyfriend works in a bar, it’s considerable. But if he works in a hotel in particular, have this in mind. He’s either into homosexuals or into sugar boys business. Sleeping with people’s wives and get paid.

However, it all balls down to individual differences. Not every man that works in a hotel, does that. Take note.

Personally, I wouldn’t wanna date or marry any girl that works in a hotel or bar. Most of them are into prostitution in disguise. I know what I’m saying.

You may agree or disagree. It’s left to you. I drop pen here.

What Else Do You Know or Heard About Men/Women That Works In A Hotel or Bar?


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