TALK!! If You Believe The Story Of Jonah In The Bible, You Can Believe Anything (See Why)

According to the bible, Godcommanded Jonah to go to Nineveh(a great Assyrian city) and prophesy disaster because of the city’s excessive wickedness.

Uncle Jonah refuses to go because Nineveh might repent and thereby be saved. So he rushes down to Joppa and takes passage in a ship that will carry him in the opposite direction, thinking to escape God.

Few moments later, a storm of unprecedented severity strikes the ship, and in spite of all that the master and crew can do, it shows signs of breaking up and foundering. They threw all their belongings into the sea, yet the storm continues.

Then l Jonah confessed that it is his presence on board that is causing the storm. At his request, he was thrown overboard, and the storm subsides.

Boooom! A “great fish,” appointed by God, swallows Jonah, and he stays within the fish’s maw for three days and nights. While in the fish belly, he prays for deliverance and he was “vomited out” on dry land.

Kai😆I dey laugh.

The question now is,

1. Can a fish swallow human being?

2. What type of fish could do that?

3.Can one make it alive out of fish belly?


The only sea creature capable of swallowing a human being is Whale. Unfortunately, Whale is not a fish and Whale does not swallow humans and if eventually, that happen, the person won’t make it out alive.

Since whales aren’t fish the only two things that come close would be a Whale Sharkand a Great White Shark.

A Whale Shark wouldn’t be able to swallow a human being because his oesophagus is quite small.

Now the Great White Shark. The possibility of being swallow by white shark would be if the person goes in head first..because sharks tend to bite before swallowing and can bite a human in half.

Although there have been reports that great whites have swallowed humans, as in the whole human body was found in the sharks stomach, but the body was quite damaged.

So what exactly swallowed Jonah and vomited him 3 days later alive?🤷🏾‍♂️

Oops I forgot, the Lord works in a mysterious way. Hallelujah.

You Believe The Story Of Jonah In The Bible, You Can Believe Anything!



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