This Is What I Did To A Young Lady Who Told Me She Was In A Serious Relationship

Met this beautiful girl at Shoprite, I approached her and we exchanged numbers.

After a week, I began asking her out she told me she had a serious boyfriend and she doesn’t double date or run paro.

I said no problem and I never disturb her.

3 days ago she called me that she needed to do one month sub that her sub has finished.

I told her to tell her boyfriend na!

She said she was too shy to ask him for cards.

It looked somehow that it don’t want to look like she was bothering him.

I said OK no problem that I can’t access my account at the moment that am at offshore in the middle of a sea that she should send me #200 naira MTN so I can call my bro to sub for her.

She sent me the card and I texted her thank you very much for the card that she is a nice person.

After like 6hrs she called to tell me my bro has not sent her the card.

I told her I DONT have one kobo to send to her and cut the call.

Did I Do Wrong?


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