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Enjoy your Easter with these funny pictures

Easter is a great festive period when all Christians all over the globe celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the son of the most high God. It mostly occurs in late March,early April depending on when it comes per year.

While we celebrate the redemption given to us by Christ Jesus, let’s keep ourselves happy by do looking at funny Easter pictures like :

1. Zambian Jesus wears a nose mask, very very funny.

2. What will you do when you see your enemies crying this way.

3. This is how we sing this song those days :

Thunder Wii caropee *2
Thunder Wii caropee and run pee-pee

4. This creatures called last Borns breath through their ears.

5. I really want to know the kind of glue this company used in making their logo, this thing does not go off until the soap finish.

6.Why does all these ugly girls crush on me, I better have Covid 19 than have feelings for you.

6. Imagine, my teacher gave me 2/100 after I wrote composition about My dog. Am taking my dog to school, he will tell me if he knows My dog more than me.

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