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I Bought Black Soap From My Colleague Last Week, When I Got To Work Yesterday, This Happened – Man

A young man decided to share with everyone on Twitter how his colleague at work who sold a black soap to him last week did something very amusing when he got to work just yesterday.

The man explained that he bought the soap from her all because of her persistence and also because he wanted to patronize her but he had not used the soap as it was still wrapped up with the packet at home.

However, when he got to work, she started showering Praises on him. She said that ever since he started using her soap she noticed how much he has been glowing.

His amusement to all this was the fact that he hasn’t even used the black soap. He just smiled and agreed with her.

This got other colleagues at work to want to try out her soap and buy it immediately they receive their monthly salary.

He went on to say that he had.to agree that it was her black soap that made him very fresh as he didn’t want to spoil her market but promote it in a low-key even though it meant lying.

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