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Meet The Singer Who Has Been Stealing Wizkid’s Music To Earn N30 Million Per Month

Wisekid, who is imitating Nigerian
celebrity Wizkid, has indeed been winning big on Apple Music and Amazon by stealing Wizkid’s songs.

Since October 2020, a musician called Wisekid, has been earning N30 million per month by stealing Wizkid’s music on Amazon, and Apple Music.

Wisekid makes around N30 million, by duplicating Wizkid’s songs. Wizkid’s media platforms’ nicknames were also copied by Wisekid.

On Social media Platforms, he went by the name Wisekidaya. His Twitter handle has been deactivated, and his Instagram username has been updated to Ayaboyofficial.

He used to go by the username Wisekid on social networks, and he’s been blamed for making a profit from Wizkid’s songs.

Wisekid is accused of impersonating Wizkid’s music, and uploading them to online music outlets, where he is reported to be earning profit from monthly downloads.

Since October 2020, he has already been earning N30 million per month by pirating Wizkid’s songs on Amazon, and Apple Music.

He put out an album called Lasgidi Made, but then replicated Wizkid’s music, and album titles. He now receives a significant portion of Wizkid’s sources

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