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Video: Look At What This Lady Did To A Man While They Were Both Dancing

Things are really happening in this life and you needs to be very careful in whatever you are doing. What this lady did to a man at a party will leave you wondering if there is still anywhere safe. In this video, A lady and a man who looks like they are into each other were both dancing together at a party. The man was putting on a suit, while the lady was on gown. They were both dancing in a very romantic way and looking at how tight they held each other, one can tell that they are lovers. What the lady did next will leave you amazed.

So, while this man and the lady held each other tight and were dancing, the lady reached for the suit pocket of the man and removed his wallet, gently and slowly. The man who seems to be so deep into the dance didn’t notice what the lady just did, but unfortunately for her, someone was actually there recording the whole scene. The lady gently removed the man’s wallet and immediately gave it to another lady who she planned it with. Then the other lady took the wallet and quickly dropped it in her bag.

This is so bad, because the man must have been thinking he has found the love of his life, or at least, someone he can be so close to have a passionate dance with, not knowing that the lady had a negative intention towards him and was only trying to cause him troubles. The man will get home and start looking for his stolen wallet and he will think he dropped it, not knowing that it was the person who he was so close to at the party that stole his wallet.

Unfortunately, what might be in the wallet might not be just money. He might lost some other important things like receipts, ID cards and so on.

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