BE SINCERE!! A Farting Girlfriend Or Snoring Girlfriend – Which One Can You Still Cope With In A Relationship?

Hi Guys!!
If you have a girlfriend that does not have the habit of farting anyhow or snoring like condemn generator while asleep, then you should thank your stars

I once had a girlfriend whose farting rate is out of this world. She farts up to 50 times in day, no matter how she tries to hide the fart, the smell always expose her.😂

This girl will excuse herself to go and fart but the smell of the fart will still follow her back to where she left off. It’s that serious!

The funny thing is, whenever she drops a fart that comes with a sound, it doesn’t really smell but the silent ones are the killer. They smell like rotten egg.

Believe me, it’s not easy to cope with a babe that farts a lot.
What About A Snoring Girlfriend?

When you have a girlfriend that snores, you never want to sleep beside them in bed.

Sleeping with a snoring girlfriend be like, sleeping beside tiger generator with bad exhaust. You won’t be able to sleep and of course it’s embarassing.

Guys, my question is 👇
A Farting Girlfriend Or Snoring Girlfriend – Which Can You Still Cope With In A Relationship?


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