Ex Big Brother Housemates That Would Have Made It Into The Finals

The Big Brother season lockdown was really an interesting one no doubt, it came with so much ginger needed especially during the lockdown, which helped us a solution to people’s boredom. Here are some housemates that would have easily made it to the finals.

  1. Erica: she is one of the most versatile housemates, she had her eyes on the price before she got distracted and she went over the top with lekans’s issue.

  2. Ozo: Ozoemena Chukwu is one of the people’s favorite housemates, Ozo was known as a peacemaker and fashionista in the lockdown season. Ozo surprisingly had his eyes off the prize when he started growing affection for Nengi.

  3. Lilo: Boluwatife Lilo Aderogba was one of the first housemates that left the big brother’s house. Lilo’s game changed right from the moment she set her eyes on Eric and she started losing her fan base.

  4. Prince: He was one of the industrious housemates in the house. He was known to be competitive and the other housemates thought he might be a threat so they decided to put him up on eviction.

  5. Ka3na: The boss lady herself was known for her brags and mouth making, people really thought she would make it to the finals but unfortunately, she was sent packing.


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