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[STORY] Heart of a beast – Season 1 (Episode 1 – 36)

He arrived at the town, Melville town.. One of the five places that his instinct had offered him.
He had chosen here, not because of anything but he just went for it or maybe the name brought him here, he didn’t know how it was related to him but it sounded familiar even though he could do nothing as much as think of where the familiarity came from, his brain grabbed nothing of course and the fact that he felt familiar with the name, scares him. His time is running up, that is the only thing that it could mean and it was more than enough to let his flurry hairs rise.. He felt the ordinary weakness from trying to remember.
He had lost hope of being the person he had always wanted to be..
It had been approximately eight years, at least that was as much his memory could uncover ;since he’s been choosing one town over four and on each occasion he had been wrong but he couldn’t leave until the time elasp and his instinct gives him new options.. He has gotten the options yesterday and had made the choice today and he was on the journey to find a home.
He would have given up or just simply surrendered to his predators but a strong part of him wouldn’t let him the next minute he had decided.. So he’ll just have to keep choosing, guessing and hoping it would land him to his helper. The only person that can understand and save him and turn the pages of his life’s book back to the right chapter even though he remembers nothing important from it. He sigh as people passed through him, none of them acting like a beast was passing right beside them. They, no doubt would flee if they do and it made him wish he had started the journey during the day, at least he’d feel more comfortable than now ..
He sighs again.
For the past eight years all he has done is hope, hope and hope that he makes the right choice and in the end it had turned out to be the wrong one. But just like writing a promotional exam, he couldn’t quit or stop trying until he picks the right option so has settled to do the only thing that he can, keep picking and hoping until he picks the right one or until…
He dies.

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