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[STORY] The Boss And The Maid – Season 1 (Episode 1 – 27)

Chapter 1❣️❣️❣️
〰️ Authoress POV 〰️
Thunder stroke the clouds as lightening threatened to tear the earth apart. It was two in the midnight and everyone was asleep but not for…..the vulnerable, innocent and mild Morena.

She stayed coiled under a shrub……as little droplets of rain began to hit the shrub. She shivered slightly and stared down at the…..torn dress on her body.

Her father’s wife had beaten her up and sent her out of the house with no money and no where to go. A sob raked her body as the thunder roared again.

Just then,a flashlight was pointed to her direction and she shook with great fear as….. thoughts of dying or being raped to death flashed through her mind.

“Who’s she?” She heard one of the guys ask as the other shrugged.
〰️Morena’s POV 〰️
My heart skipped as they began to advance towards my direction. I just hope they’re not perverts,I hope……..

My hoping was cut short as they stood before me, scrutinizing my appearance and shaking their heads.

To be frank,I didn’t even know where I was,the weather became so bad so I decided to hide here,but looking around now,it looks deserted.

“Hello boss, we’ve found the intruder, we’re on our way” they said as I furrowed my brows

What! Why did they call me an intruder? I didn’t have time to ponder on it as two hefty guards whisked me off the floor and onto their arms.

“Let me go,let me go” I yelled but of course they didn’t flinch.

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“Stay right here,wench” the guard said, placing me in the booth as they sped off. Oh my gosh, how,how will I get back home?

Who exactly is the so called boss? He really thinks he can take me without my will then he’s gotten another thing waiting for him.
〰️ Miguel’s POV 〰️
I watched as the car rode in. I was really eager to know who the intruder is,I can’t wait to beat the daylight out of him.

The car stopped and they moved briskly and assisted a fragile looking girl out of the booth as my eyes almost popped out.

“Is that the intruder?” I asked to be sure and they nodded as….I threw the glass and walked into the house.

They just succeeded in ruining my mood,was already planning my punching style. I walked into my bedroom and found the slut assigned to me by Paisley my secretary.

“Hey lover boy, you looked pissed come on let’s get you in the mood” she said seductively, taking her thong off as I licked my lips.
After the long and eventful sex with the slut,my guards threw her over used body into one of the bedrooms. One thing you should know about me is that am a sex freak.

I walked down the stairs,heading to my office when I remembered I didn’t give an order concerning the girl who was brought to the house.

“Philip,where’s she?” I asked, puffing the smoke of my cigarette out in the air. “Sir she’s in the booth,we still don’t know where to keep her” Philip replied as I scoffed.

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She trespassed,she walked into my ranch and she doesn’t even know. “First thing tomorrow,send her out of my property” I stated as he bowed.
〰️Morena’s POV 〰️
Sun rays hit my eye lid as……I stretched but ended up hitting my head. I winced in pain as……. someone opened the car and pulled me out.

“Come on,it’s time to get you back” he said as I frowned. What! Did they just bring me here to sleep in the booth??

“Where’s your boss? I wanna see him” I asked as they stared at each other before shaking their heads.

“Am not sure you’re fit to see him besides he wants you out of his property so get into the car, we’ll drop you anywhere” he said as my heart sank.

I didn’t even have anywhere to go and he’s saying anywhere? Where will I go to from here?? I sighed and got into the car as it zoomed off.

I didn’t even get to see the brute,but am lucky I didn’t sleep under the rain.

“So miss,where do you live?” One asked as I gave him my address. I knew I wasn’t going to enter that house but at least they needed to know I had a house.

The car pulled in front of the house and I noticed their expectations. Yes am really poor and we live in the slumps.

They drove away and…….my step mom walked out of the house with a death glare. “I thought I told you not to come back here, you just refuse to listen, look I can’t take care of you again, you’re not even educated” she yelled as tears rolled out of my eyes.

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I really wished dad will come back from his job this very instant. “And hey Barbie,daddy died in an accident,so go don’t show your face here” she yelled and banged the door.

Is she saying the truth? Is dad really dead? All these thoughts kept on running through my mind as I walked down the street into the main road.

Just like she said,I didn’t even get to finish highschool,she practically stopped my education and dad’s not aware.

He comes during the holidays so……he’s totally clueless. What should I do?
“Oh gosh what should I do?” I heard a rich Lady say. Yeah I knew she’s rich because of her colour and clothes.

She chunked her phone into her bag and began walking into a restaurant. My stomach grumbled, telling me I was yet to feed it.

Hello,miss can I have the leftovers please?” I asked as she scoffed and walked away.

I know I shouldn’t do this but I just have to……I quickly carried the leftovers and poured it into a polythene and walked out, bumping into that same rich woman.

“Hey dear are you alright?” She asked looking into my eyes and scrutinizing me.

“Yeah…….yeah am…” ………I stuttered.

“Yeah that’s the thief,take her” a lady said as my eyes popped out…

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