FOR GUYS ONLY!! 6 Signs That A Girl Is Just Using You To Pass Time, She Doesn’t Like You

It is funny how some guys act like mumu all in the name of love for a girl who doesn’t love them in return.

As a guy, most of us are determined to ignore obvious signs that a girl doesn’t like us. A girl who doesn’t like you can decide to stay with you for some reason.

It’s either she’s just using you to pass time, or she’s using the mumu love you’re showing her to boost her ego or she is just interested in helping you spend your money.

All these things are time-wasting, it is high time you as a guy begin to love who love you.

There are plenty of girls out there who are your spec and will love you for who you are, why waste your time on girls who don’t like nor value you?

In this post, I will be sharing with you 6 signals that a girl doesn’t like you, she’s only using you.

Let’s get to it 👇

1. She Makes You Pay For Everything

When a girl doesn’t really like you, it’s most likely that she makes you pay for everything when you guys are out together.

As a guy, you might feel it’s your duty to do the paying but a girl who really likes you won’t make you feel that way, it’s either she tries to cut cost for you or offer to assist even in the littlest way.

Even if it is bottled water, a girl that likes you will pay for it when you go out on a date.

When a girl doesn’t really like you, she doesn’t care where you get your money from or how much you earn.

To know that a girl is just there to eat you raw, watch out for the fact that she will always go for the most expensive thing on the menu.

This is common among Lagos Island girls, they will finish you when you allow them choose what they want on the menu.

Yahoo Boys are not even making things easier because na them dey spoil these girls for average guys like us.

When a girl likes you, she will let you realize when you’re spending too much and tell you she’s okay with the little she already had.

That’s how you know that a girl likes you, not those ones that act like gluttons.

2. She Only Wants You As A Friend

When a girl already told you that she wants you as a friend, then you should believe her and don’t do things beyond friendship level.

As a guy, there are tendencies that when a girl tells you she only wants you as a friend you still feel you have a chance by doing things to impress her so she can consider you at the end of the day.

Let me tell you this, a girl who already told you that she wants you as a friend can eventually date you without you having to do pass yourself.

It’s her decision to choose and you don’t have to convince her by doing extras.

Why should you even force a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you deeply? It makes no sense.

When you respect a girl’s choice of being just a friend then you should be happy that you are not getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you and she is the one who has lost someone who genuinely loves and cares about her.

Most girls don’t feel guilty about all the extras you do for them because they feel they already told you that all they want with you is friendship.

All other things you do afterward seem like your mumu choice and they accept it like “Shebi na you wan spend, I will help you spend“.

Be wise! not all friendship has to lead to a relationship.

3. She Avoids Serious Conversations

When a girl doesn’t like you she always won’t feel the need to go into deep conversations with you.

These kinds of girls are always very creative in switching up serious conversations to the regular ones because they don’t need it.

She might at first want to know few things about you if she still feels you can be considered but the moment she makes up her mind, any conversation that is not about food, fun, Wizkid and Davido argument, she won’t get on it with you.

If a girl likes you, she will be more open about her life, share some of her deepest secrets with you, she will also try to know about you, try to know your weaknesses, your strength, your life goals, future plans, and a host of other things.

If you notice a girl isn’t just interested in deep talks with you, baba just know in your mind that this is not the girl for you.

4. She Is Only Available When It’s Convenient

This is very common when a girl is not interested in you. She’s not going to go out of her way to see you or do something for you.

She will only go out with you for lunch when she’s broke or hungry. If she will only call your phone number whenever she needs you to subscribe for her, then she’s not serious with you.

A girl who truly loves you will make no excuses for you, in fact she will always be anxious to see you every time.

A girl who likes you won’t wait until you call her phone before she calls you.

5. She Shows Up With Her Friend When You Ask Her Out For A Date

If a girl has ever done this for you, don’t think it twice she doesn’t like you. Forget say you get money!!

Imagine asking a girl out on a date and in your mind, you want to be with her in a cozy area for both of you to be able to have a heart-to-heart talk, only for her to show up with 3 other friends. Bro, she doesn’t like you. She and her friends have planned to eat your money that very day.

A girl will never get her friends involved on a date with a man she really loves. Girls love privacy and they don’t trust each other with a man they love.

So if she has decided to bring some of her friends to your date, maybe you should toast one of the friends because left to her, she doesn’t like you.

6. She Doesn’t Show Emotions Towards You

Many times, guys get entangled with girls who don’t show emotions towards them.

If she’s doesn’t show you care, if you’re the only one asking about her wellbeing and she doesn’t bother about yours, brother, she’s probably just parting her ego with you.

When a girl doesn’t show you emotions, you’re probably just there as a convenient option of someone she will talk to when she’s bored or when her real boyfriend isn’t available.

Girls like to be pampered, to be taken care of by any guy. It gives them the assurance that they are a whole spec of a babe who is wanted by guys like you.

In a situation whereby she finds it hard to replicate those emotions you show her, then she doesn’t love you, she’s just using you to pass time.


Guys, I hope you have learned one or two from this. As for me, I think love shouldn’t be one-sided.

Don’t let any girl toy with your emotions, if you notice any of these signs in a girl you’re currently with, dump her ass before she dumps you.

You deserve a better girl who will love and show you care!!

Do You Agree With This List?

What Other Signs Should Guys Lookout For To Be A Sure A Girl Truly Love Them?

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